Peak Quiz Cab

The Peak FM and Ace Cabs would  like to introduce…

The Peak Quiz Cab!

It’s a special taxi from Ace Cabs that you can win prizes in while you ride!

How does it work?  

You cannot specifically book this cab.  It will be sent out at random!  Call Ace Cabs to book your next taxi and you could ride & win – if you get the correct answer to the trivia question. 

If you land the Quiz Cab as your ride, you’ll be asked if you’d like to play along.

Not in the mood? No big deal, it will be treated like a regular taxi.

If you say yes – you will be asked a trivia question and if you get it right

What happens if you’re right?

Your name will be entered to win the weekly prize.

There will be one prize per week, supplied by The Peak FM.

On Fridays – Talk of the Town will announce the winner of the week!

Call Ace Cabs at 705-445-3300 to book your next ride – and you may land in The Peak Quiz Cab!

Congratulations to This Week’s Winner:

Val Vandervecte

This week’s question was,

“What was the name of the dog on the TV show the Jetson’s”?

Answer: “Astro”.

Val has won herself a

$25 gift certificate to Tersoro Mercato