Be Your Own B.O.S.S. Virtual Entrepreneurship Camp Ages 13-18

Summer is almost here, but what happens after the bell rings?

Do you remember being asked the question as a teenager- “What do you want to be when you grow up?” While we can’t always recall exactly what we answered, we likely can remember how we felt in the moment. From a young age, there is an underlying pressure and expectation to be able to answer this question. As we grow up we continue exploring and shaping our future. Teachers, parents, and peers are critical in this journey, but there is another level of support available- mentors. 

Jessica Flynn, a high school educator and seasoned entrepreneur, created the ‘Be Your Own B.O.S.S. Virtual Entrepreneurship Camp’ to help teens feel inspired and empowered when it comes to their future. She wants youth to know their potential is limitless. Throughout the four-week program, campers will develop a stronger sense of self, and begin setting some powerful and actionable goals while taking ownership of their future. Through instructional videos and live Zoom mentoring, students will have a community of support to plan for their careers. Parents will receive a handbook to facilitate ongoing conversation and connection with their child. 

Guest mentors include: 

● Lindsey Earle, Team Canada Athlete- Ultimate Frisbee 

● Karla Findlay, Owner of Market Made Meals 

● Aysia Garbe, Founder at Mayka Marketing and Owner of Hello Pottery Studio ● Emily Gough, Human Connection and Transformation Coach 

● Edie Gudaitis- Yoga and Meditation Instructor and Mindfulness Coach 

● Brandon Houston, CEO of Switch Video, Owner of The Collingwood Foundry ● Ashley Lougheed, Owner, and CEO of Girl Time Inc. 

● Jenn Walker, Business Coach at Dive Heart First 

● Amanda Wilson-Ciocci, Owner, The Monarch and Co 

● Mac Thomson, Co-Founder and Creative Director 

Register Today! Be Your Own B.O.S.S. Virtual Entrepreneurship Camp Ages 13-18, July 5-30, 2021 

Bonus- Campers are eligible to pitch their business idea for a chance to win $500 cash + $500 worth of mentoring from the Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Center

For more information please visit The Flynn Collaboration.