About Brainfreeze

Brainfreeze began in 2018 as an initiative between and Surf The Greats to raise urgently-needed funds for youth mental health. It started with 50 Polar Bears on a beach in Toronto and the Brainfreeze community has snowballed since then. This year, five amazing Canadian cities and hundreds of brave participants are participating in Brainfreeze in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Halifax, and Collingwood!

Brainfreeze 2022 is all about getting outside of your comfort zone! We’re challenging our community to #BearItAll and push your personal limits to do something that’s uncomfortable.

Challenge yourself by joining us in our in-person icy polar bear plunge. You’ll connect with people of all ages in subzero temperatures, warm up with some light yoga and mindfulness, and then voluntarily jump in freezing water.

But don’t worry, if you can’t make it to one of our in-person plunges there are still many ways you can participate! Whether that’s grabbing a crew and heading to your local lake, or creating your own #BearItAll challenge to get outside your comfort zone, we’re excited to come together to challenge ourselves both physically and mentally.

If you’re looking to make a splash in the youth mental health space, this is an energizing way to do it. 100% of funds raised support’s youth mental health programs.

Polar Bears make quite the pack! Bring your friends and family to one of our in-person plunges for an unforgettable and Instagrammable leap. Caution: May do a lot of good for Canada’s youth.