March Break at Blue

There is nothing like getting the family together for a week of fun and excitement. There’s no better time than March Break, and there’s no better place than Blue Mountain Village. At the base of Blue Mountain, with its 43 exciting ski and snowboard runs to explore, the Village will play host to a week packed full of exhilarating and interactive events and adventures for the whole clan – definite memories in the making. There will be magic and music, a tour of the stars, stars on ice, and fire in the sky. You’ll see wildlife at its wildest, tour the Village the old-fashioned way, and maybe even find a new groove.
Weekly Highlights
 Toronto Maple Leafs Pop-Up Rink – March 9th & 10th: a chance to lace up your skates, meet NHL alumni and get a pic with Carlton the bear!
 The Magic of Sawyer Bullock – March 9th & 15th: enjoy the astounding antics of award-winning magician and mentalist Sawyer Bullock, whose unique combination of wit and trickery amazes and amuses audiences of all ages.
 Birds of Prey Show – March 10th & 14th: Education meets entertainment as you get as close to these fascinating creatures as you likely ever will.
 The Amazing Village Race – March 11th to 15th: participate in our local take on the television smash hit.
 Royal Majesty Donut Eating Contest – March 11th: why not?
 Fireworks – March 11th & 14th: the sky over the Mill Pond lights up with the Mountain providing a dramatic backdrop.
 Live Music featuring GIRL POW-R – March 13th: the freshest all-girl pop-rock group
featuring performers aged 11 to 16. Their mission is to inspire young people and support
social issues.
 Horse-Drawn Wagon Rides – March 12th & 16th: a leisurely tour in and around the
Village – always a favourite with the kids!
 Astronomy – A Fascinating Tour of the Universe – March 15th: Tom Vassos, member
of the Royal Astronomical Society, shares astounding insights, discoveries and facts
about the universe – a rare and interactive opportunity to explore space beyond our
 Groove Dancing – March 9th, 11th, 13th & 16th: insanely energetic dance master Tyler
Boyle gets everyone up and moving with easy-to-learn steps to beat bashing music.
With a jam packed schedule of amazing family events, plus 40 unique shops and restaurants to
browse and sample, March Break at Blue Mountain Village promises to send you home with a
bag full of memories to last a lifetime. For more information and complete event schedule