Piers Morgan 'doesn't regret' his criticism of Ariana Grande

Piers Morgan said he “doesn’t regret” his comments about Ariana Grande’s departure from Manchester following the terror attack in late May.

While appearing on ITV’s This Morning on Wednesday, Morgan spoke out about his comments directed at Grande, in which he criticized her for not promptly visiting the Manchester terror attack survivors in hospital and heading back to the United States so quickly.

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The Good Morning Britain presenter sparked a lot of online backlash after criticizing Grande, and taking to Twitter to rant.

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Although Morgan has since apologized, admitting he was too quick to judge her following the One Love Manchester concert, he revealed on June 21 that he still stands by his original comment.

After Phillip Schofield asked if Morgan regrets anything he had said while citing the Grande incident, Morgan responded by saying “I wouldn’t regret what I originally criticized her for.”

He said that after the Manchester attack, Grande flew straight out of the country and he compared it to the Queen visiting the survivors in the hospital.

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“I did feel these were people who had all been to her concert and were paying fans. I don’t think I was wrong in thinking she could have gone to visit some of the fans,” Morgan said.

“However she came back within two weeks, put on this extraordinary concert, she performed on stage in a huge sea of people the day after the terror attack in London and I thought that showed real guts,” Morgan admitted.

“I did say ‘I misjudged you. I thought when you went back home it was slightly cowardly.’ Actually, I’m looking at this young woman, in her early 20s standing on the stage after another terror attack two weeks after she was involved in her own concert mayhem and I thought, ‘no I misjudged you and I’m going to say that.’ And I did, I wrote a whole column to her saying I was wrong,” Morgan said.

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He continued: “I think in the moment of Twitter and everything else it is a very judgmental forum. And I do write lots of columns. I do have lots of opinions. But I’m very happy to say when I’m wrong.”

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Morgan went on to discuss the reaction to U.S. President Donald Trump’s win, which he believes is “overplayed” online.

“I mean the whole Donald Trump thing … I do think the hysteria he gets is overplayed, and I do think it plays into his hands,” Morgan said.

“They won’t do that by kicking and screaming and calling him a monster all day because the monster is the president of the United States.”

“I have a real issue with Britain’s position on Trump, saying if he comes to this country there’s going to be mass protests and fury. We roll out the red carpet for Vladimir Putin, the president of China, the king of Saudi Arabia, who just beheaded 50 people – we have to work out what we think a monster actually is in this country,” he concluded.

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