Man arrested for trespassing at Taylor Swift's mansion

A couple of days after Taylor Swift’s stalker Frank Andrew Hoover was sentenced to 10 years of probation, another man was caught attempting to break into the 28-year-old’s Los Angeles property.

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When Taylor Swift purchased her Beverly Hills mansion for $25 million from MGM mogul Samuel L. Goldwyn in 2015, she installed 7-foot walls around the grounds. After a man named Justin Lilly attempted to scale the walls this past Sunday, it looks like she may need to make them even bigger.

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Lilly, who the police officers on scene described as transient, tried to climb over the walls possibly in attempt to break into the Bad Reputation singer’s home.

Swift’s security guards say they gave him several warnings to leave the property before calling the police. Luckily, the artist was not in her home at the time.

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The man was caught shortly afterwards and has since been charged with one count of misdemeanour trespassing alongside a count of refusing to leave private property. He is currently awaiting the verdict and if found guilty will face six months in county jail.

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