Classic Hit Academy - Songs by Glen Ballard - Man in the Mirror -Michael Jackson

We have for the most part this week been focusing on the production work of multi grammy winner Glen Ballard but this song was actually produced by Quincy Jones and Michael Jacksons.

Apparently it was one of Jackson’s favourite songs from the landmark Thriller album. Interestingly it’s a song he didn’t write. It was composed by Siedah Garrett and yes you guessed it Glenn Ballard.

Although he did not produce Jackson, Ballard knew the kind of song Quincy and Michael were looking for. As he said “Michael Jackson was a remarkable songwriter who absolutely felt his songs’ lyrics. I don’t think there’s any question that that was just falling out of his creative, unpremeditated self….he tapped into his ‘whatever’ and he was using it like an artist should and sort of creating these characters – maybe they’re him, maybe they’re not. You get distance from it. just really have this kind of compelling, mysterious, very cool air about them, in addition to being really hot at the center with these grooves.”

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