Classic Hit Academy - Halloween Songs - Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr

This hit by Ray Parker Jr was the theme song for a movie starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. The film’s director Ivan Reitman insisted that the title of the film be in the song, which made Ray Parker Jr. leery of the assignment. Once he started working on it, apparently Parker was able to complete it in just a few days.

It may have sped up the process that the song sounded suspiciously like another song by hitmakers Huey Lewis and the News.

Lewis was originally asked to come up with the movie theme but declined the offer. That’s when producer/writer/ guitarist Ray Parker Jr was hired on and asked to come up with something Huey Lewis sounding that had the word “Ghostbusters” in it. He was a little too good at recreating the Huey Lewis sound.

Huey Lewis sued Parker for plagiarizing his song “I Want A New Drug” . They settled out of court.

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