Classic Hit Academy - Halloween Songs - Thriller - Michael Jackson

We wrap our week long look at Halloween song with one of the very few horror themed hit songs that have year-round appeal. Sure, we hear in it abundance around this time of year since the song contains lyrics about creatures of the night who terrify their victim, but it is definitely not just relegated to being a novelty song.

In fact it’s the title track to one of the most successful album releases of all time.

Vincent Price, an actor known for his work on horror films, did the narration at the end of the song, including the evil laugh.

Price, while a guest on the Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show, laughingly stated that when he did the narration for this Michael Jackson classic. He had a choice between taking a percentage of the album sales or $20,000. Price took the $20,000. He was good-natured about it when Carson told him he could have made millions off of the royalties due to the vast number of copies sold even at that time. Price laughed heartily and said: “How well I know!”

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