Classic Hit Academy – Songs about the Music Business - Don't Mean Nothing - Richard Marx

Many artists have complained about the frustrations of dealing with the phoniness and crass commercialism of the entertainment industry.

It’s usually heard most from a musicians who have been around a while and built up some bitterness, but for 80’s hit maker Richard Marx’ it was the topic of his first single.

Although Marx was only 22 he logged enough time honing his craft to develop some cynicism. having moved to LA in his teens . Although on one hand he was very grateful for being in the industry a such a young age, he still had spent a lot of time sitting around doing nothing, trying to get something going and nothing was happening.

Rejected by every label multiple time, he got a lot of doors slammed in his face and when he did start to get some noticeable success he was exposed to a host of fake sentiment and the empty promises.

With the chart success of this and subsequent singles from his debut album, Marx became the first male artist to reach the top three of the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart with four singles from a debut album.

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