Classic Hit Academy - Songs Involved in Lawsuits - I Want a New Drug – Huey Lewis and the News

In 1983, Columbia Pictures asked Ray Parker Jr to write the a theme song for their new movie, they apparently played him this Huey Lewis and the News song and said make it sound like this and have the movies titles in the lyrics.

Columbia originally offered Huey Lewis and the News the job of coming up with the theme song for their new film Ghostbusters, Lewis had to turn it down because he was already hired to write music for the film Back to the Future.

Ray Parker Jr may have followed directions maybe a little too closely.

When the film came out in 1984, Huey Lewis sued Ray Parker Jr. for copyright infringement, claiming that Parker had stolen the melody from his hit. The two parties settled out of court. Details of the settlement and the fact that Columbia Pictures paid Lewis a settlement were confidential.

Parker would subsequently sue Huey Lewis in 2001 for breaching confidentiality, when Lewis commented on the payment in an episode of VH1’s Behind the Music.

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