Classic Hit Academy – Songs You May Not Know Were Cover Tunes – “Blinded by the Light” by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band

This song so far remains the only #1 Hit written by Bruce Springsteen!

It was original recorded by Springsteen and released as was his first ever single.

Released in 1973 the record flopped. Although only released in the US the song still somehow made its way to British musician, vocalist and band leader Manfred Mann. Mann had already scored a #1 hit with his bands cover of the Exciters song “Do Wah Diddy Diddy”

The Manfred Mann version was much more elaborately produced, and Springsteen hated it at first. There were also a number of changes to Springsteen’s song, even tweaking the lyrics, including changing “cut loose like a deuce” to “revved up like a deuce,”. This would result in one of the most notorious miss heard lyrics in rock history as generations of fans have thought the line was “wrapped up like a douche.” Springsteen has even joked that his song did not become popular until it was re-written to be about feminine hygiene products.

As Springsteen said “Deuce was like a Little Deuce Coupe, as in a 2-seater Hot Rod. Douche is a feminine hygienic procedure. But what can I say, the public spoke.”

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