Classic Hit Academy – Songs About Encounters with the Law - Shakedown - Bob Seger

This song comes from the film Beverly Hills Cop and is inspired by the lead character Axel Foley who was played by Eddie Murphy.

Former Eagle, Glenn Frey, who had a #2 hit with “The Heat Is On” from the original Beverly Hills Cop, was originally booked to add the vocals to this song slated for Beverly Hills Cop II.

Harold Faltermeyer, who wrote the score for the film, wrote the tune for the song that originally had different lyrics. About a week before it was to be recorded, Frey had to drop out with laryngitis, so Bob Seger was asked to replace him. However, Seger didn’t like the lyrics, and though he retained the same chorus, he rewrote the verses – which also gave him composer credit on the song. Seger recalls, “There were a lot of lyrics about working undercover, I didn’t like them, so I threw them all out. I decided to write it my way and they trusted my judgment.”

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