Classic Hit Academy, Songs Produced by Nile Rodgers, Let's Dance - David Bowie

Nile Rodgers was a guitarist and songwriter when in 1977, he formed the band Chic. He wrote and produced their many huge disco hits Le Freak, Good Times and Dance Dance Dance

When the backlash to disco meant the end of the line for Chic, Nile Rodgers focused on producing records for other artists. What followed is a long line of hit songs for a number of iconic pop stars. One of which was David Bowie.

Nile Rodgers recalled David Bowie unveiling this song to him saying ‘Nile, darling, I think this is a hit,’ and that he wanted to call it Let’s Dance. He then proceeded to play what Rogers felt sounded like a folk song with a twelve-string guitar.

Unable to tell Bowie that what he was playing was not dance music, Rodgers wrote an entire arrangement, taking it in “a funky direction.”

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