Classic Hit Academy - Songs to Inspire Thoughts of Warm Destinations - Margaritaville -Jimmy Buffet

Jimmy Buffett started out in Nashville, Tennessee as a country artist where he recorded his first album in 1970.

Waiting for his big break, Buffett would be frequently travel to New Orleans busking for tourists. That’s where Country music singer Jerry Jeff Walker discovered him and took him to Key West on a busking expedition.

Key West was a good fit for Buffet’s laid back easy-going style

After a tour of Texas and on his way home to Key West, Buffett took some time to hang out at Mexican Restaurant where he was introduced to the Margarita.

When he got home , he sat at his regular watering hole the Old Anchor Inn with his new found beverage and watched the gridlock on the roads and the throng of tourists invading the beach and used it as inspiration for this song.

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