Classic Hit Academy - Songs Inspired by Other Musicians – Every day is a Winding Road –Sheryl Crow

The Australian band Crowded House’s former drummer, Paul Hester, was the inspiration for this Sheryl Crow hit. Crow has said “He inspired the song because he was so… he was such a character and so full of life, and it’s basically about the search for the meaning of life.”
Crow opened for Crowded House while promoting her first album and witnessed Hester’s sudden departure from the band. He allegedly told his bandmates: “Every Day is a Winding Road, mate, it’s time for me to veer off…”

Sadly in 2005 almost ten years after the release of the song, Hester would take his own life after a long battle with depression.
Crowded House lead singer Neil Finn provided backing vocals on the song.

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