Weekly survey: Do you like The Beatles?

My wife and I spend a big chunk of the weekend watching director Peter Jackson’s Get Back documentary, an eight-hour look at the 22 days The Beatles spent recording what would be large parts of the Let It Be album as well as coming up with the bones of songs that would also appear on Abbey Road.

It. Is. Brilliant.

It features moments like this when Paul McCartney composes the bones of the “Get Back” single in five minutes in front of George and Ringo. Lennon was late. This is songwriting magic.

It’s stuff like that which will make Get Back become one of the most important (the best?) rock doc of all time.

At one point during part two of the three-part series, my wife turned to me and asked “Do you think there are people who don’t like The Beatles?”

I’m sure there are, but let’s find out how many with this week’s survey.

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