Gas prices in Nova Scotia fall by 6 cents after interrupter clause invoked

John Szczecina, a gas station manager in Northern California who was fired after accidentally setting the gas price to 69 U.S. cents a gallon (equivalent to approximately 20 cents per litre) says he's overwhelmed after a GoFundMe campaign helped raise money to make up for his lost job.

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board invoked its interrupter clause Tuesday, causing gas prices to fall by six cents a litre.

The interrupter clause is a mechanism that allows the board to adjust gas prices in response to market fluctuations outside of the weekly price change.

The change in price must be by at least six cents in order for the interrupter clause to be invoked.

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It could be welcome news for Nova Scotians after seemingly never-ending price hikes at the pump over the last few months, but the cost of gas remains above $2 per litre across the province.

The minimum cost of regular unleaded self-serve gas across the province ranges between 205.9 in the Halifax region and 207.8 cents in the Cape Breton region.

There was no change in diesel, which ranges between 221.4 cents in Halifax and 223.4 cents in Cape Breton.

Gas prices remain volatile around the world, fuelled by Russia’s war in Ukraine and the global rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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