Mind Grind

Listen for the cue to call to play Mind Grind on 95.1 The Peak just after 8 am weekdays with Talk Of The Town. When you hear it call 705-445-4951!


How to play:

Two callers will play each day and go head to head. The first player has the option to either play the game, or have the studio guest play on their behalf. The second player has the same option if the first player doesn’t choose the guest.

A random letter is selected as the letter of the day for each guest. Each answer for the categories will have to start with that letter.

Caller one plays first (or has the guest sub in for them if they choose). Then caller two follows (or has the guest sub in for them if that option was available and they choose it).

A 30 second clock is started and using the letter that was given each caller must name something that starts with that letter from each category. An example is if the letter of the day is “H” and the category was “Lakes”. The caller could answer “Huron” and that would be correct.

Once an answer is given, you move to the next category. The player with the most correct answers in the allotted thirty second wins!


The radio version of the popular board game Scattergories plays every weekday at 8:10, with Talk Of The Town.