Bowls for Bids


Who’s excited? We are excited!…..Monday, June 7th we launched the Bowls for Bids to benefit Home Horizon and The Barbara Weider House, presented by Crozier & Associates Consulting Engineers and many more great sponsors…(see below). We will be auctioning off 24 BEAUTIFUL hand-painted, one of a kind bowls, all painted with love and compassion from 24 local, celebrated artists. These bowls are all truly unique and each one tells its own story.

Go to our instagram page to see all the amazing bowls…


How it works:

Monday morning we posted each bowl on instagram.

Starting bids will be $75.

Post your bid in the comment section.

Auction will close on Friday, June 11th at 5pm, winner announcements will follow shortly thereafter.


Much like this event, Home Horizon is more than beds, we offer access to counselling and social and life skills programs to help our clients successfully rebuild their lives and transition to independent living and adulthood.  The goal is to support vulnerable youth in rebuilding their lives and integrating back into their (and our) communities.


The key to our approach is that the youth are provided with a range of support programs that will help them learn life skills, have positive relationships with peers and adults, and re-engage with school, employment training, and/or employment.


Learn more about how Home Horizon helps vulnerable youth in our community at

Thank you @maykamarketing and @hellopotteryco for photographing these beautiful bowls.

Thanks to Alex Ruston of @honourbright for our logo!