Penetang Blood Donor Clinic

In times of need, we show up. We make sacrifices to help people we know, and people we don’t. And right now, patients across Canada need donors more than ever. To give like lives depend on it — because they do.


Attached are details of an upcoming blood donation event – please share with your network and encourage those around you to donate. Reminder: Making an appointment is necessary. Keeping it is crucial. Missed or cancelled appointments are difficult for us to fill since we can longer replace you with a ‘walk-in’ donor. Every donation counts. If you find that an event is initially full, please save the date and keep checking back. Same day appointments are often available – in fact, we’ve been seeing a high number of last minute cancellations on the day of the clinic so there are often open appointments that can be booked on the morning of the event.

Thank you for your ongoing support!