19th Annual Collingwood Music Showcase at Moguls Bar & Grill

19th Annual Collingwood Music Showcase at Moguls Bar & Grill


Thursday May 10 2018

7:00pm Shawn R. Smith
7:35pm Emma Wright
8:25pm Rob Elder
9:30pm McGinnis and Marshall
10:40pm Chris Scerri
11:55pm Sticks and Strings
1:05am Brianna McGowan

Friday May 11 2018

7:00pm   Amanda Dorey
7:45pm   Sacha Law and John Eaton
8:40pm   The Gators
9:50pm   Touch of Vinyl
11:00pm Sydney Riley
11:50pm Jason Redman Band
1:00am   Hubbards Hustlers

Saturday May 12 2018
4:00pm   Allan Small
4:40pm   Browns Family Music
5:50pm   Regal Jazz Band
7:00pm   Drew Wright
7:50pm   Mike McCarthy Band
9:00pm   Penny Love Band
10:10pm CROWFOOT
11:15pm Steve Hutchinson
12:05am Strange Potatoes
1:05am   From Within

Sunday May 13 2018
3:45pm Ian Harker
4:20pm Wayne Fennell & Rob Dougall
5:00pm Marshall Law
5:40pm Jeff Cunningham Band
6:40pm John Marshall Band
7:35pm Sebastian Ellis
8:20pm Stephen Hanmore and Steven K. Henry
9:20pm Tyler Firestone Webster
10:05pm Rajasi

10:45pm Frequency Atlantis

11:25pm David J. Russell Band