David Sinclair is back with his Flamenco Guitar!

David Sinclair is a Toronto born guitarist who for the past 18 years has dedicated himself completely to Flamenco music, finding his musical voice in this rhythmically fascinating art-form. A graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo, Ontario) with an Honours Degree in Classical Guitar Performance, David has made Granada, Spain his home since 2005.

Accompanying dance from time to time, David specializes in accompanying singers and playing solo, all within the pure forms of Flamenco. (Flamenco Jondo).

He has performed throughout the province of Granada and Andalucia, primarily in Flamenco peñas (societies), festivals and accompanying singers in competitions.

His last recording ¨El Arte de la Guitarra Flamenca¨ was released in April 2018, which features 10 of David´s own compositions in flamenco songforms, with the accompaniment of palmas, percussion and violin. He also recorded a CD in 2014 in Granada called ¨Paseo de las Palmas¨, which also featured his own compositions.

David Sinclair is also a very experienced teacher, having taught for many years in Waterloo at a highly respected music academy and also teaching Flamenco to guitar students from all over the world in Granada, Spain.

After his sold-out concert two years ago David Sinclair is back with his Flamenco Guitar!