Wish upon a Snowman

The Living Wish Foundation is hosting a special fundraising event called ‘Wish Upon a Snowman’ where contestants embrace the winter and snow and build a snowman, snow woman or a snow-hero and enter to win one of 12 prizes. Prizes will be sourced from local businesses; we’re supporting you supporting us.
There is a minimum donation of $15 to enter. The proceeds will go towards helping us make some last wishes come true. The event runs from December 23rd until February 15, 2021.
The Living Wish Foundation based out of Collingwood, Ontario is devoted to making the world a better place helping terminally ill patients re-frame hope and realize their dreams. Our mission is to provide medically supervised and supported end of life wishes to patients in the region who are facing a terminal diagnosis.
Some of the wishes we have granted include a day at the beach, attending Gulley Fest, a Lobster Dinner, Virtual Goodbyes, a Visit to the Wolf Sanctuary, a Cribbage game and various reunions. Wishes don’t have to be overly complicated. Sometimes it’s the very simplest thing that can make all of the difference.
Have fun, stay safe and enter to win!
Donate to enter here: http://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/the-living-wish-foundation/events/wish-upon-asnowman
For more information on the Living Wish Foundation and what we’re all about click here:
For more information on the Living Wish Foundation contact Nancy Good-Kennedy