International Men’s Day

95.1 The Peak Recognizes International Men’s Day


The Peak recognizes International Men’s Day each year as a day to promote gender equality, improve gender roles, and emphasize the importance of men’s mental health. This year, the International Men’s Day organization has developed the theme to focus on the Better Relations Between Men and Women.

Men in Canada are three times more likely to commit suicide than Women, largely due to the lack of men’s mental health resources coupled with men’s lack of social connectedness. The goal of International Men’s Day is to break down these stigmas, and provide resources to the men in our lives.

Below are a list of resources that can help men in breaking down these barriers, and for other’s to learn how they can be allies and support systems for then men in their lives.


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Men Struggle To Keep Friends And It’s Hurting Their Mental Health

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Should We Be Celebrating International Men’s Day? 

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We encourage you to check in with your friends and family, not only on International Men’s Day, but all year round.